Where Art Thou’ Boston?

I recently visited Boston with my boo thing, Zach Kieft.


& now, I’m grieving…… I never understood how people could be happy with living in a noisy environment like a city, where you have no real backyard, and so many strangers walking among you. But I also never thought it was possible to find a place that has such amazing architecture, and pride in keeping old buildings safe that are from the 1800s. It’s just astonishing. My pride doesn’t want to pay $2,000 a month for a 300 sq. ft. studio. But my heart tells me to just get over it, and just remember how many extras Boston brings by being itself.

Just some of the amazing memories that I will cherish every single day until one day, I can call this place my home ❤

I love and miss you Boston <33333



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